MPC Legal would like to wish each and every one of you a most joyous Holiday Season! Please know that we derive our success and inspiration from your continued support and encouragement. Thank You!

Like any new venture, 2013 proved to be full of exciting challenges and growth. Through it all, we lived up to our creed of results, excellence, and service first and foremost. And the latter part doesn’t just refer to our clients; it refers to the community at large, and those who do not have some of the privileges we take for granted on a daily basis. It is a promise to those whose pasts contain shades of our own. A challenge to ourselves to never forget that running a business can’t just be about one’s bottom line.

Thus, we will commit to expanding our involvement in the community in 2014, and increasing our charitable contributions throughout the course of the year. We’re going to seek your help and involvement in these endeavors, too, and not just through FB status updates. So be ready to get emails, phone calls, and even visits from us, asking you to back us and give of your time to others, as well.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Much health, happiness and success to you and yours in the coming New Year and beyond.