We ended 2013 by promising to expand our involvement in the community and to increasing our charitable contributions throughout 2014.

In that spirit, we’re celebrating the New Year by extending the following “Name Your Cause” Challenge to YOU!
We will commit $500 in celebration of the New Year towards a charity of YOUR choosing. All YOU have to do is the following: make a $10 donation to a charity of YOUR choosing. That’s it! It’s that simple. Once you make that donation and provide us with confirmation of same, we will put that charity on a list of charities that YOU (our FB friends) will then be able to vote on. We will commit $500 towards the charity with the most votes. You must submit your confirmation of donation on or before January 5, 2014.

So, that’s it! You give $10 towards whatever charity you please, and that charity will have the opportunity of earning another $500.

Are you up to the challenge?